Hilton Terrace 5/13/19

Location: Main Lobby Hilton Terrace Time: 7:00 pm

Attendees: Robert Antonelli Unit#2, Julio & Dorothy Cruz Unit#3, Steve Kort Unit#4, John & Sally Bucher Unit #5, Anita Hunt Unit#9, Maureen Sullivan Unit#11, Zacheli Refael Unit#12B, David Black Unit#16, Judi Elfont Unit #17, Kidith Paulino Unit#19, Pat Gagliano Unit#20, Jean McCoy Unit#23

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by John Bucher

A quorum of the Board members was established that included: John Bucher, Robert Antonelli, Kidith Paulino, and Jean McCoy.

John Bucher made a motion not to review the minutes from the last meeting which was seconded by Robert Antonelli. All approved.

Treasure report was delivered by John Bucher.

– John Bucher indicated that as per rules and bylaws of the condominium no one can alter/add/ or change the exterior of the building and / common areas without the approval of the board. Amorello will be sending a form to all unit owners that must be filled out and approved for any changes.
– Interactive Website – Hilton Terrace’s website should be up and running by end of May. Each condo will be assigned 2 emails per unit/password protected
Updates, calendar, meetings, general condo info, social events as well as Request forms for any changes will be available on Website
Private Condo info is expected to remain confidential within Hilton Terrace’s owners.

Julio Cruz – part of Maintenance Committee read a list of List of questions, requirements and To Do List for the board to review.

Informed that Mgmt company is walking the property once a month to make sure the property is maintained as per contract

Maureen Sullivan – part of landscape committee informed regarding the walk-thru with Claude reviewing existing plants/flowers
Indicated a lack of consistency with the Condo’s Flora
The need for New Red Mulch as well as edging and weeding.

3201 NE 36 ST., FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33308


Encourage a proposal on plants/flowers that are hurricane friendly, anti-iguanas/pets, plants with some fragrance.
It was agreed that Claude needs to advise prior to making any changes or adding/taking plants out
Board will request quotes from different landscaping companies – to compare with current work.
It was also mentioned the Trimming of trees prior to Hurricane season – June 1st

Gutters – owners on second floor units indicated that there is still the issue of water overflow when it rains
One possible solution suggested was the addition of gutter in the middle to remedy the overflow of water was suggested but discarded. It was expressed they there were no issues with the previous Gutters.

Roofer – needs to walk thru when it rains.
The board will seek review by expert on Gutter and Judi Elfont volunteered to review the contract with Roofer.

Painting of building – an assessment will be needed, proposed for 2021.

Parking Lot / Tree Roots / Driveway
Discussion of different options for
Coating/sealing/ if driveway – should not be an assessment.
Board will review costs on the different options before spending any money.

Pat Gagliano asked regarding updates on pool bathrooms – Steve Kort confirmed work should be completed by Mid-June.

Dumpster Area – discussion regarding fixing up the Fence around the dumpster area – one suggestion was to stain the boards –
Any costs on fixing up the southern dumpster area will be split with France’s Terrace Board will request quote from Lynda

Announcement – Next Board Meeting scheduled for Sept 16th.

Motion to adjourn was made John Bucher and seconded by Robert Antonelli @ 8:35pm

Respectfully Submitted, Kidith Paulino, Secretary

3201 NE 36 ST., FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33308